Are you about to lead a team for the very first time and want a successful start?

Do you want to be more self-confident in your first leadership role?

Do you want to gain practical leadership skills enabling you to work effectively with your new team from day 1?

The Leadership Foundation Programme is here to support you!

Do you feel excited to lead a team for the first time in your international work environment, but at the same time feel insecure and doubtful about the responsibility that comes with leading people?

If you’d like to have a solid foundation at the start of your first leadership role with a group of like-minded peers and a team coach, continue reading!

Because NOW is the time to set up your leadership groundwork appropriately...

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Does this sound familiar?

“I feel determined and have high expectations of myself to get “the leadership thing” right, but don’t know where to start?”

“I am aware that being a leader requires me to move from being an achiever in one area of expertise to being a role model and generalist – and I don’t know how I can really work on this mindset change?”

“I feel challenged as I’ve been a team member before and am now going to be the boss of my former colleagues who are also more experienced than me!”

“I feel accountable for myself when it comes to my development as leader. My organisation has a leadership training where I got a slot, but only much later. I will, however, take over my team in the next two months and need practical support NOW!”

If one or more of the challenges above fits your situation and you want to do something about it, you are in the right place!


You feel more self-confident and are ready to master the challenge of effectively leading a team for the first time

You know what motivates your team members and know how you can positively impact your team’s culture

You concretely develop your practical skills in the area of leadership and team development – e.g. you handle the first contact with your team members easily

You don’t feel alone in the challenge anymore as you are strongly supported by a network of other first-time leader peers with similar challenges

Stephanie Schulze

The Leadership Foundation Programme is an interactive live online coaching programme for first-time leaders, who believe that setting the foundation right is the starting point for team success!


Practical content via live online video-calls

A virtual community exchange
with peers

Individual coaching sessions


It’s as a consultant for team-and organisational development that I, Katrin Grunwald, come into play. Having worked many years in the area of leadership development in a large multinational cooperation across different countries in Europe, I have seen quite a few teams succeed but also fail. One thing that I noticed was always the large impact that the leader with his/her behaviour had on the team’s success – both positively and negatively.

I believe that it’s essential to invest in leadership skills from the beginning and would like to support you during the transition phase!

My leadership experience is based on working closely with more than 50 team leaders across different countries and companies in team development processes and 1:1 coaching. In addition, I have served as leader myself for several project teams and employee networks during my corporate career as well as a volunteer in civil society organisations.

The Leadership Foundation Programme – what’s in it for you?

How will the content practically support you to successfully start your first leadership role?

1st month: Pre-Leader

The Leadership Foundation Programme actually starts the month before you start your first leadership role. This set-up enables you to feel self-assured from day one as a leader:

Module 1:
Kick-off & getting to know each other
Starting with yourself: Gain more self-awareness about your leadership style through a personality assessment

Module 2:
Branding - Work on your branding as a leader: what are the values that you stand for and want to convey to your team from the beginning?
Mindset - Learn how you can move from an expert mindset to a generalist & strategic mindset as a leader and how this comes along with managing expectations – both upwards and towards your team!

Module 3:
Starter kit for day 1 – how to best interact with different stakeholders beforehand & how to present yourself to the team
Starter Kit for the first weeks - Receive a hands-on starter kit for the first weeks as a leader on how to:
- have 1:1 exchanges with your team members
- run your first team development workshop

Module 4:
Creating a team culture - Become more knowledgeable in the area of team development: what are the phases of team development, unwritten team rules, learn how to understand the motivations of your team members, etc.

2nd month: Your first month as a team leader

Module 5:
- Time management – how to create routines that work well
- Peer coaching – practice action learning with the other first-time leader peers on “worst case scenarios” that might come up in your first months

Module 6:
Trust & Empowerment - Exchange with peers on the topic of trust and empowering your team, on what “really letting go” means in terms of delegation and what you can do yourself to create a trusting spirit in your team!

3rd month: Your second month as team leader

Module 7:
Developing your team members – how to give & take feedback, run development conversations with your team members and establish an atmosphere of learning & well-being in your team

Module 8:
Conflict - Be more comfortable to address conflict situations by learning impactful feedback techniques

... and to round off your first 100 days as leader (4th month):

Module 9:
- Bonus session where participants can choose the topic and/or a senior guest speaker is invited
- Wrap-up and evaluation of the programme

Additional learning experiences and benefits:

The programme starts several times a year – offering you the right support at the right time when you need it

A confidential atmosphere is established and also non-disclosure agreements signed, enabling you to share comfortably about your individual situation

You develop your own coaching skills in peer coaching techniques

Through the digital learning experience (via the tools Zoom and Slack), there are no travel costs and there is no special equipment needed, but still a high-quality modern way of learning offered

Each module will include: 
- a hand-out giving you checklists, relevant articles, etc. at hand
- homework to try out skills learned in the online programme in the real world

You can enlarge your network of international leaders from an interesting variety of organisations, where you can support each other as sparring partners during the video calls as well as in between on Slack – and maybe even beyond in a face to face meeting!?

What do previous participants say about the
Leadership Foundation Programme?

"Having been on the other side, I didn’t want to be the kind of bad manager I had experienced in the past, that’s what motivated me to participate in the programme. My greatest learnings during the programme were more self-awareness and self-confidence. It was a great experience – you meet like-minded people who experience similar challenges and learn a lot about yourself as well!"

Marine Sully

"In the beginning I was not sure whether a pure online course with video conferencing is the right choice? After all, leadership is about dealing with people face to face. However, it turned out that communication via video calling worked perfectly and did not have any noticeable disadvantages.

Katrin is a very open and cheerful person who obviously enjoys working with people, while always taking care of every participant. When she noticed that I had difficulties with certain topics, she took time after a session for a personal conversation to discuss possible ambiguities and doubts I had."

Sebastian Bernwieser

"I took over my first team one month before the programme started. The HR department of my company offered me to participate in it.

I was struggling to get into a new routine as I moved from being a team member to being the team leader of that same team. The leadership position required more meetings, new responsibilities and more stakeholders were involved. With the hands-on tips in the programme I was able to much quicker set a good routine for myself and for the interaction with my team. They see me less stressed and much more calm now!"

Elena Boqué

Your investment in your leadership success

The Leadership Foundation Programme offers the participants

Modules of 2 hours each in an exclusive circle of just max. 6 participants per cohort

Interaction and feedback via the community of peers

Individual one-hour coaching sessions with Katrin

… and handouts plus homework - trying out leanings in the daily working life!

*plus VAT depending on your country.

How to join!

The next batch of the Leadership Foundation Programme will be announced soon.

In order to apply for this highly selective programme offering only 6 places in one cohort, sign up for a 30-min discovery call with Katrin. Here we can get to know each other, see if/how the programme is the right support for you, define your development objectives and clarify open questions you might have. And maybe already get some hands-on learning…

For whom is this programme right?
  • People who are appointed to take the leadership of a team in an international work environment for the first time in the upcoming months

  • People who are keen on self-development and ok with openly sharing and reflecting with others, maybe also about mistakes they made

  • People used to working in English and who feel comfortable sharing about their own experiences in English

  • People able to dedicate time alongside their busy work schedules to invest in themselves becoming good leaders right from the start

For whom is this programme not right?
  • If you have already been leading a team for a long time

  • If you are not so keen on self-reflection and learning

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will the programme take overall?
  • Each week you must be ready to engage around up to 1 hour of self-work between the modules for the Starter and In-depth Leadership Programme.
  • Later, in the Full Leadership Foundation Programme, the sessions are spread on a monthly/bi-monthly basis, giving you enough time to put the learnings into practice and gain your own experience over time.
What if I realize the programme in the end is not right for me?

After the first module you still have the opportunity to exit the programme paying only for the first module.

How do the video calls look like?
Each video-call module lasts 2 hours and consists of:
  • Introduction
  • Content input
  • Exchange about the participants’ topics/peer coaching
  • Wrap-up and homework
Is there a discount if I pay privately and not my company?

It’s great that you take the time and money to develop yourself! A discount of 10% for private payers and very small companies is granted. Contact Katrin for that.

When do the video-calls take place?
  • The video-calls for the next batch will start after the summer. 
  • For the Starter programme it would be then the first 6 sessions only. But in any case the In-depth programme is highly recommended as it supports you in the first three months of your leadership experience! Allowing for more time for you to make experiences in your daily working life and reflecting them afterwards in the programme.
When does the individual coaching take place?

You can choose your own slot via a date booking tool.

I have never participated in a Zoom video-call, how does it work?

The video calls are live, with everyone participating with their cameras. Instructions on how to set up Zoom will be sent (it’s very easy!).

If I book the Starter or In-depth programme and found it very beneficial, how can I continue working with you after the programme?
  • Great that you are already thinking ahead and want to dedicate time to continuous learning! There is the opportunity to switch to the longer programmes.
  • There will also be a yearly physical event in Munich, Germany for several cohorts of the programme where you have the chance to meet each other
    face to face.
What if I would like to do more coaching?

You can book additional sessions for an additional price.

What if I miss a session?

They will be recorded so in case you miss one, you can watch it afterwards.

I am an HR manager and am interested in offering this programme to first-time leaders in my company: Would it be possible to run this programme also exclusively for our company?
Yes, it’s possible to individually design the modules adapted to your company’s leadership model, competencies & business situation. Plus to run it on your company collaboration tool.  Get in touch for corporate rates via and we can exchange about it.

Sign up here for a 1:1 call with Katrin to apply for the programme. The next starting date will be announced soon!